Happy New Year


It probably seems a bit odd.  But, I like to eat Vegan food and I like to knit with wool.

I am looking forward to a new present from my mom.  The Instant Pot that does it all.  Beans, grains, soup, and soy yogurt here we come.  Aren’t you excited?

::I know soy yogurt was the only thing you saw there.  You might have thought, that is amazing.  You might have thought, doesn’t she know that soy shit will kill all us white people. ::

I was tired of seeing ALL the online people talking about the Barn Raising Blanket.  So, I snatched up a copy of knitalong in my latest order.  You can read more about the book at Ravelry or on the book website

I have been having a fabulous January.  My husband took his truck out and had too much fun.  The kind that puts you in a snowy ditch and pisses off your wife because she wants to say I TOLD YOU SO.

But, so I don’t feel alone.  My bad ass Honda Odyssey made a wonderful grinding noise on the way back from getting really crappy cheap pizza.  Literally moments after my husband left for a week out of town.

It looks like this:


Trust me.  That part isn’t suppose to sit on your tire.  It isn’t suppose to rust in half.  But, I kinda feel like it was nice enough to hang out till I drove slowly home.

How is your New Year?


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