::Giving Up::


Last year at Easter was when I just gave in.  I think I cried on Easter.  It wasn’t because I was having sadness over Christ and his death on the cross.  It was because I was having a huge soul leak.  I didn’t like church.  I wasn’t even sure if I liked Christians.  I felt broken for the church.  I didn’t want to go back ever again.

But, I did.  I went to a church that represented what I thought I would never set foot in again.  A church where only a decade prior I might have possibly dared to say, I didn’t believe Christians attended.  I might have said horrible things like they aren’t real Christians.  They believe antiquated things.  They do antiquated things.

I now attend a more traditional church.  They have accepted us. They are kind and full of grace.  They do old things.  They sing old hymns.  They have an ordained and married couple who lead the church.  A male and a female Pastor.  They have both, female and male, deacons and elders.  There is a lot of grace, equality, and beauty.  There is the Holy Spirit.

I don’t think I will fast this lent or clean out my kitchen.  I don’t plan on giving up things although I think I might watch my mouth more.  I was thinking I might give up alcohol.  

I have definitely given up worrying about whether someone is a “real” Christian.  I have definitely given up trying to define Christianity.  I have definitely given up holding my family up to some perfect image of a family.  This is us.  We play our part in the body of Christ.  It’s important.  God loves us.  I pray that you can loves us and all our broken brethren.

Please don’t try to save those who are already saved.  They may not look like you or act like you.   But, let them be saved and do their part.  Live a life that leads others toward the Mercy and the Grace.

::Something to chew on::

Free Printable for making a tree for this season.


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